Scrum and SIN

Let’s start the read with a two rupee question. Answer it with Yes or No!

If an organisation follow the Scrum guidelines, Should I call myself as an Agile company?

  • No — You are correct.
  • Yes — You are still correct but you are following SIN.

Yeah, You heard it correct- SIN (Scrum In Name)

Scrum, but not agile

Simply actualising Scrum in your Software development process isn’t sufficient to become Agile. Numerous organisations disregard the fundamental changes in organisational culture, the work style, procedures, method for executing the project and most importantly its the mental model among the team.

There are many organisations in the market that believes introducing Scrum would lead to rapid advancement and agile delivery experience. This ought to be an essential mental model that need to be annihilated/eradicated from our outlook.

“Changing practices is one thing; changing minds is quite another” ― Mike Cohn

If you want to be an Agile, then

  • Follow the Agile principles with the discipline.
  • Be a system thinker at all times.

What is System thinking in Agile outlook?

For any problem statement, List it down every one of the alternatives/approaches to solve it. Take a visual look at all the items listed.

Now start adding, intended consequences and unintended consequences for every one of the options proposed previously.

This will influence your decisions and most prompted to choose the wise one.

Trust me, it works like King! By a Victim.

Spirit of Scrum In Agile World:

  1. Identify the Purpose
  2. Understand the Current Reality
  3. Identify and implement improvement
  4. Measure Progress
  5. Evolve system


There is no pride in calling the organisation as Agile or Non- Agile. Truth be told, it doesn’t make a difference by any means.

Educate the team to expect(accept) the changes. This will eventually lead the organisation to progress way and make both inward and outside Stakeholders upbeat instead of enforcing the new procedure in the name of Software development strategies.

Agile or other software development process is a tool that can be customised for the organisation. Employees are the resource who will pursue the process.

We should end this read with the question in a similar style as we began.

What will you choose?

Customise the tool for a resource or Customise resource for the tool.

Choice is yours!

Your view(s) on this blog is extremely valued.

Next blog: Who are you! Being Agile or Doing Agile? Stay tuned!




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Santhosh Kumar

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